Industrial Automation Section is actively involves in research activities emphasis on the advanced manufacturing with the input of innovative technology to achieve the improved products and/or processes. In line with the current practices of the institution; "Where Knowledge is Applied", research focused on design and manufacturing process were executed, mainly to improve Malaysian manufacturing sector. Current related research areas are namely:    



  • Improving productivity of machining operations
  • High-performance machining of advanced materials
  • Modeling and sensing of machining processes
  • Condition based monitoring
  • Machine tools and component design
  • Nanomachining
  • Process optimization (machining, forming, casting, etc.)
  • Machine tools maintenance, calibration and refurbishment ( service )

Summary details of STRG (Short Term Research Grant) funded projects under the auspices of Institute of Research and Postgraduate Studies (IRPS) Unversiti Kuala Lumpur, 2008-2012.

> Study of Machine Efficiency Through Periodic Maintenance
> Study Of  Effect Cutting Temperature  in Semi Dry Machining of Incornel using Uncoated (CVD)
> A Comparative Study of Tin Coated Carbide Cutting Tool Life In Cutting Titanium Based Alloy Under MQL Dry Cutting Condition
> Design and Fabricate Roll Motion Device For Laser Measurement System
> Study on Different Coated Carbide Tools During Machining of Aluminium Alloy A1 6061  Using Palm Oil (Cooking Purpose Grade) As A Cutting Tool Lubricant
> Study of the Use of Water as Pressure Medium in Hydraulic Systems for Industrial and General Applications