1.1) INTRA Briefing.

Compulsory attendance to all students who is going for INTRA. During this session students will brief and guide on–how- to:

i) Sourcing and identify INTRA placement.It is compulsory for the students to find a place that are related to their respective courses; the company background and nature of the business.                                                                                                           

Student to collect INTRA Application & Acceptance Form from INTRA Office.

ii) Online INTRA pre-registration                                                                          

Students who do not pre-register are considered to be uninterested or unwilling to do their INTRA in the respective semester; therefore their names will not be listed in the INTRA list

iii) To activate student e-mail (having problem –please see IT Unit)

iv) To collect Student Medical card from Students Affairs Department

1.2) INTRA Induction

Also compulsory attendance for students who is going for INTRA. The contents of INTRA induction may include:

i) The Objective of INTRA

ii) INTRA- perspective from external speakers / industries & Job Prospect

iii) Talk on Safety & Health At Workplace

iv) Talk on Work Ethic and Communication Skill




2.1) Report Duty


Students are required to report to the company according to date & time stated during INTRA Induction session.
The following documents are to be brought together on the reporting day:

i) Letter from university, confirmation of student placement to company

ii) Report Duty Form

iii) INTRA Logbook


2.2) Report to INTRA Office immediately if you are assigned to site office after report duty.

2.3) Visit by University Supervisor

i) University Supervisor will be assign to monitor, visiting and assessing student's performance throughout the INTRA period. Students are encouraged to work closely with their University Supervisor.

ii) Minimum 1 visit shall be conducted during the INTRA period.

iii) A copy of students weekly Analysis Report should be sent to the University Supervisor by the following week.



3.1) Report & Presentation

i) Preparation of INTRA Presentation is 1 week after the INTRA period end

ii) Return the Company Assesment (yellow Color) to your University Supervisor

iii) Report and Logbook to be submitted to University Supervisor after the presentation

iv) INTRA Presentation Schedule is prepared by Examination Unit and will be published in UniKL e-citie on-line or tel. 03-8926 2022 at Ext 1207